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Do you ever feel overwhelmed when it comes today’s ever changing technology? Do you ever get frustrated when your computer or other device refuses to work the way it should? Have you ever felt overcharged for a technical service just because you are not “tech savvy”?

Gateway Computers was started in the early ‘90s with the idea that everyone should be able to have their electronics serviced by a professional without having to spend a fortune. Many people have been through or have heard horror stories of getting the family “computer guy” to work on their computer only to find all of their precious family photos gone along with all of their programs and emails. Often times the computer comes back in worse shape than before it was worked on.

That is why Gateway Computers technicians are all University or College trained with a minimum of 10 years’ experience in computer and electronics servicing. We have a very high client retention rate because we fix it right the first time and we charge less than half the rate of our biggest competitor.

So give yourself some peace of mind knowing your device will be fixed properly and your data will be kept safe, all at an affordable price. Call Gateway Computers for all your computer and electronics needs.