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Why have a computer custom built when you can buy one off the shelf or order it on TV? There are several reasons why this is not always the best way to buy a pc.

First of all, many computers that you buy this way are advertised as powerful, fast systems because of the processor they use. The problem is, the processing power of the cpu is only one factor in determining the speed of the computer.

Often a manufacturer will install a fast, expensive processor and use inferior motherboards, chipsets, video cards and other supporting hardware to build the computer. Although the pc contains a fast processor, it will run slower than expected because of the quality of the rest of the hardware.

Second, many computers bought off the shelf or on television are difficult, expensive or sometimes, impossible to upgrade because they use priority components. Therefore, when upgrading, you are forced to buy replacement parts from the manufacturer at inflated prices.

At Gateway Computers, we will build a system based on your needs. We will not sell you performance you do not require just to make a larger profit nor will we leave you lacking in the performance you need. What you will get is a system tailored to meet your specific requirements that is reliable, and fully upgradable.

Just tell us what you plan on using the computer for and the price range you are comfortable with, and let us do the rest. From basic systems for web browsing and word processing to power-house gaming systems, Gateway's custom systems will perform faster than any pre-built system - guaranteed!