Custom Built Computers

We are experienced in building custom computers to meet your specific needs using quality, stable components at an affordable price. Our custom PCs are built to last.

Whether it is for:

  • Home use
  • Basic business use - Client data, business management software etc.
  • Creativity/Design - Photo/Video editing, audio editing, graphics/illustration, CAD design etc.
  • Gaming systems

At Gateway Computers, we will build a system based on your needs. We will not sell you features you do not require nor will we leave you lacking in the performance you need. What you will get is a system tailored to meet your specific requirements that is reliable, and fully upgradable. Just tell us what you plan on using the computer for, your budget and let us do the rest. From basic systems for web browsing and word processing to power-house gaming systems, Gateway's custom-built systems will perform faster than any comparable pre-built system - guaranteed!

Custom Built Computers, fully upgradable and guaranteed.

  • Our custom systems are upgradeable unlike most mass-manufactured PCs with proprietary parts.
  • Fast, reliable, quality hardware/software components optimally configured to run fast, cool and quiet.
  • Pay only for hardware that you need, not hardware that will sit unused.
  • No preinstalled freeware or bloatware to eat up valuable memory and processing cycles.
  • You will have a system designed to perform the tasks you require quickly and efficiently.

Custom Built Computers Built for Speed and Reliability from the Ground Up.

At Gateway Computers, every component we use to build our custom systems comes from industry leading manufacturers who are known for their cutting-edge technology and reliable hardware.  These manufacturers consistently produce quality hardware and excellent supporting software and drivers. They stand behind their hardware with hassle free warranties, regular software and driver updates and knowledgeable support.

Prebuilt computers you see in a store or online often boast a fast, expensive CPU and maybe a decent amount of RAM and storage. However, the RAM, storage and other components may not be the fastest currently available. These manufacturers often cut corners and costs on motherboards, memory and other components to keep profits high and pay for that expensive CPU. The problem is, without quality, fast supporting hardware, that CPU is bottlenecked and cannot function at the expected speeds it was designed for. A computer is only as fast as its slowest components so a fast CPU with cheap supporting hardware is like putting a Lamborghini V10 engine on a bicycle - it has a lot of power that that will never be used. Small cases and cheap power supplies can also lead to excessive heat which greatly reduces the life of components.

At Gateway Computers, we build our custom systems from the ground up using the best components available within our client's budget, from the motherboard, RAM and CPU to the case, power supply and storage, we make sure every part meets the highest standards and our clients needs and that all components work together to give the best performance possible. What you will have is a reliable, fast, cool and quiet system that will last years longer than the average prebuilt computer you will find in a store or online.