Data Backup and Recovery

Your data is the most important thing on your computer. Be it precious family photos, important tax documents, artistic work, business client data, music, sensitive research papers etc., losing it is simply not an option. Unfortunately, all storage devices fail eventually. The average lifespan of hard disk drives and solid-state drives is 5 years. Sometimes they fail slowly and give you warning something is wrong, sometimes they fail catastrophically with no warning. But sooner or later, every storage device will fail. Having a data backup plan set before anything goes wrong is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as a responsible computer user. Failure to do so can lead to expensive data recovery which often results in little or no data being recovered.

We know data loss can be a very difficult and traumatic experience. That’s why at Gateway Computers, we take the loss of files very seriously and do everything humanly possible to recover your important data:

  • “No data, no hourly fee” policy – you only pay a small service charge if none of your device's data can be recovered
  • Free evaluation of storage device to see if recovery is viable
  • Our recovery experts are bondable and all personal data remains private and confidential
  • No confidential data is accessed except to see if files have been recovered in an uncorrupted state
  • Data backup advice and implementation to ensure your important data remains safe
  • use of both onsite and offsite backups to prevent data loss in event of local disasters such as fire or flood etc.

Gateway Computers can help ensure your data remains safe by creating a comprehensive backup plan with both an onsite and offsite solutions so that if something happens to the building your equipment is stored in, you will have complete copies of your important data offsite via cloud storage. We can setup full hourly backups, nightly backups, incremental backups that backup only newly added or changed data - whatever solution meets your personal or business needs. Having a comprehensive backup plan now will save you from costly, often unsuccessful data recovery and data loss and ensure your data remains safe and secure at all times.

If you do not have a backup plan and your data is accidentally deleted or your device damaged, Gateway Computers will do everything possible to retrieve your lost data. However, occasionally we have had to give clients the bad news that their precious data is not recoverable. Catastrophic failures, fire damage, files that have been erased and then overwritten are can be difficult to recover. If your none of your data can be recovered, you will only be charged a small service fee but that will not lessen the sting of losing your precious files. A comprehensive, redundant, onsite and offsite backup system will ensure you never have to worry about your data being lost and unrecoverable.

Our Data Recovery Process

At Gateway Computers, we take data recovery as our most serious service. We will do everything possible to try and retrieve lost data. In the event that data recovery is not possible, you will only be charged a small service fee. The more you can tell us about the data lost, the better the chance of finding the files you need. The type of files lost, file size, folder structure and location are important details to know when trying to retrieve data.

Create a list of the types of data lost, file names, approximate amount/size & locations where data was stored.
Bring us the device and the list of lost data details and accept the terms and limitations of recovery.
If data is recovered, we will place the data on a storage drive we can provide for a fee or on a device you supply.