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Mac/iMac/MacBook Repair

Gateway Computers can repair most Mac/MacBook/iMac models. The difficulty level of repairs for these devices is considered very high and should not be attempted by anyone other than knowledgeable service technicians using quality parts. There are also many repairs where Apple Service centers will replace all parts of an entire module rather than just the faulty component which greatly increases the cost of repair. They will often say the device is not repairable and require you to buy a whole new one rather than do certain repairs. At Gateway Computers, we can repair/replace faulty components and do repairs that Apple will not do which can save you hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Just call us and arrange a drop-off time and let us do the rest. If we have the faulty component in stock, we can have it repaired the same day. However, we may not always have a component in stock, such as parts for much older models. In such cases, we will order the part as quickly as possible. And all parts and labour are guaranteed.

MacBook Water Damage Repair

Spilling liquid on any device is a bad feeling. Doing so on an expensive MacBook can be downright horrible. Apple will not repair liquid damaged devices in or out warranty. Their solution is usually to buy a new iPad.

If you spill liquid on your MacBook, never turn it on. Doing so will cause further, often irreparable damage. Turn it off and leave it off. Place the MacBook so that the spill is facing down to allow liquid to drain away from the internal components. The chance of a successful repair depends on how quickly you act in shutting down the device and what type of liquid was spilled. If it is water, there is a fair chance of a successful repair. If the liquid contained sugar, such as coffee, juice, pop or whine, the liquid will dry and the sugar will crystalize making repairs much more difficult.

Mac/iMac/MacBook HDD/SSD Replacement

Is your Mac/iMac/MacBook hard drive or solid-state drive failing? Gateway Computers can perform data recovery and replace your failing drive. Having a recent backup of your files in iCloud can save you from the heartbreak of lost photos and other personal files. Having a current backup makes it much easier to have your failing drive replaced and data restored. Always keep a current iCloud backup of all your Apple devices.

If your device is still using an old hard disk drive, Gateway Computers can replace it with a much faster solid-state drive. This will greatly increase boot times; program loading times and make your day more productive. Call us for a free estimate.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Is your MacBook's battery draining too quickly? Does it no longer fully charge? You don't need to start shopping for a new MacBook just yet and you don't need to consign your MacBook to the dump, creating more E-waste. Gateway Computers can give your MacBook new life by installing a new quality battery.

MacBooks are pretty resilient and complicated systems. As such, they are not meant to be opened by the average consumer. In fact, due to the nature of lithium batteries, doing so can be dangerous. Having your battery replaced by Apple is very expensive. Especially if you have to send it out and pay for two-way shipping. Gateway Computers can replace your battery for much less and all parts and labour are guaranteed.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Sticky or missing keys? We can replace keyboards for most MacBooks. Why bother to fuss with stuck keys or trying to remember what functions a missing or blank key does when you can have a new keyboard installed for a decent price? Just bring us your device and we'll use our extensive network of parts sources to find a keyboard for your model and have it replaced quickly and professionally.

No more struggling with keys stuck on repeat or using on screen keyboards for missing keys or having to carry around cumbersome and inconvenient USB keyboards. Our keyboard repair service is carried out by qualified, experienced professionals for both Mac and Windows machines.

Mac/MacBook/iMac Screen Replacement

Cracked or dead screen? We can have a replacement screen within 24 to 48 hours for most Apple models. We can replace the screen within hours of the part arriving so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. We can also replace broken or loose screen hinges. All replaced screens follow the manufacture warranty policy for your display. Please see your devices manufacturer website for policies and warranties on replaced screens.

Just drop off your device so we can match the exact part and screen finish and we'll usually have the part the next day and have your device repaired and ready to go quickly and professionally.