Mobile Repair

Gateway Computers can repair most mobile brands and models. Cell phones, MP3 Players, E-Readers, tablets etc. If we can find the parts, we can probably fix it. With our extensive parts suppliers, we can often get hard to find parts for many devices. However, some parts may be obscure and may take more time to find.

Just call us and arrange a drop-off time and let us do the rest. If we have the faulty component in stock, we can have it repaired that day or the next. For harder to find parts for less popular products or much older models, we will order the part as quickly as possible. And all parts and labour are guaranteed.

Mobile Device Screen Replacement

Cracked tablet, cellphone, E-Reader, MP3 player screens are not only unsightly and difficult to view, they are also hazardous and can cause cuts when swiping. Non-functioning screens can also occur through broken internal components, water damage etc. It is recommended that only professional technicians replace damaged screens to prevent risk of injury and damage to other internal components.

Screen repair for some brands can be very expensive. Gateway Computers can fix your broken screen quickly and for less than most OEM service centers. And, as with all of our services, all parts and labour are guaranteed.

Mobile Device Water Damage Repair

Spilling liquid on any device is a bad feeling. Doing so on an expensive phone, tablet or other device can be downright horrible. Most manufacturers will not repair liquid damaged devices in or out warranty unless you purchase a special care plan if available. Their solution is usually to buy a new device.

If you spill liquid on your device, never turn it on. Doing so will cause further, often irreparable damage. Turn it off and leave it off. Place the device so that the spill is facing down to allow liquid to drain away from the internal components. The chance of a successful repair depends on how quickly you act in shutting down the device and what type of liquid was spilled. If it is water, there is a fair chance of a successful repair. If the liquid contained sugar, such as coffee, juice, pop or whine, the liquid will dry and the sugar will crystalize making repairs much more difficult.

Mobile Device Battery Replacement

Is your mobile device's battery draining too quickly? Does it no longer fully charge? You don't need to start shopping for a new one just yet and you don't need to consign your device to the dump, creating more E-waste. Gateway Computers can give your device new life by installing a new quality battery.

Most mobile devices are complicated systems. As such, they are not meant to be opened by the average consumer. In fact, due to the nature of lithium batteries, doing so can be dangerous. Having your battery replaced by a professional is the safest and most economical choice. Gateway Computers can replace your battery for much less than OEM repair centers and all parts and labour are guaranteed.

Mobile Device General Repairs

Broken cameras, non-functioning power buttons, volume buttons or Home buttons, broken charge ports and headphone jacks etc. These are just a few of the many components in your mobile device that can fail.

Internal components of most mobile devices are very small and fragile. Attempting to repair them yourself or having a friend attempt it for you can lead to far worse and more expensive damage to other components. Gateway Computers can repair these issues the right way the first time, saving you time and money. Call us for an assessment and estimate and let us help you save money and get your device working again quickly.

So, if you've dropped your mobile device on a rock and cracked the screen, left it near an open window during a rainy day or pulled on that cable once too many times and now it won't charge, we've got the tools, the parts and the knowledge to get your device working again quickly and cheaper than other places. Give us a call and let us help you get your device working again and save money doing it.