PC Repair

The number of issues that can happen in a PC are almost endless. Fortunately, Gateway Computers can fix them all. Hardware issues, software issues, performance issues, virus/malware attacks, data loss, power loss, no video output, error screens, bootup and shutdown issues - anything that can go wrong with a PC we can fix. We do it right the first time, we keep your data safe and we do it at a reasonable cost. And as always, all parts and labour are guaranteed.

We have flat fees for most common problems and we'll never fix your PC and then charge you more than the system is worth for that repair. We do most repair work in-shop as the cost to the client is much cheaper and there are some issues that require special tools, a controlled environment and a lot of waiting. When we fix you PC in-shop, we only charge you for the time we are physically working on your device, not while waiting for scans to finish or updates to install. We also offer on-site repair but is normally reserved for issues that cannot be resolved otherwise, such as network or IoT (Internet of Things) issues. When working on-site, we have to charge you for the time we are there and at a higher rate, regardless of what we are doing so it is recommended to have the work done in-shop whenever possible to save money.

Computer Won’t Turn On

Pushing the power button on a computer system and getting no response can be pretty worrisome. No lights come on, no fans start spinning, no signal reaches the screen. It seems that the system is completely dead.

The first instinct is to think the worst. The most important thing to understand is that your data is most likely perfectly safe. A bad storage drive won't cause your system to be completely dead. Often times, it's just a matter of replacing the power supply. Other times, it can be something as simple as a loose cable. Always make sure your power cable is firmly plugged into the outlet and the computer before having the system serviced. Whatever the problem is, we can have it diagnosed and repaired quickly in most cases.

Noisy Computer

Do you hear clicking noises, grinding or whining from your PC? It could be a failing hard drive. Clicking noises with a lot of vibration could be a broken fan that's still spinning but not doing much good. Sudden, unusual sounds coming from your PC are almost never a good sign and should be looked into immediately before data loss occurs or an expensive component overheats and is damaged.

We can have your system diagnosed and the component repaired before permanent damage is done or catastrophic data loss occurs if you act quickly, turn the system off and call us to book a time to get it to us as soon as possible.

Computer Fails to Boot

The dreaded blue screen of death, stop error, system crash - whatever you call it is never a welcoming sight. It may be a little less ominous looking in new operating systems but it can be no less daunting to figure out what exactly is causing it and, more importantly, how to fix it.

A Windows update or upgrade that went wrong, hardware issues such as bad RAM or bad sectors on a storage drive, poorly written or incompatible drivers, viruses, program or app issues, the number of causes can be numerous and often difficult to diagnose for the average user. Some of the so-called fix options, if not done properly can remove all of your apps and programs without fixing the issue or worse, wiping all of your personal data. Don't risk data loss or further damage to your system, let us diagnose your problem and have it fixed for you so you can get on with your work as quickly as possible.

Computer is Too Slow

Computers tend to become slower over time. If you've ever had to turn on your system and then go make a pot of coffee while it boots, you understand the problem all too well.

It may be a poorly optimized system, too many unnecessary programs starting up that don't need to be, a hard drive that is almost full and no longer has enough room to perform routine maintenance or is just too old and slow, not enough RAM to run your programs, throttled hardware due to heating issues. There are many reasons why a system may be running slower than it used to. We can clean out unneeded bloatware, stop unnecessary programs from loading, install a much faster solid-state drive and optimize your system so that it is running as fast as it should be. Give us a call and let us get you back up to speed.