Software Installation

Installing software or hardware drivers can be pretty straightforward. However, sometimes it can be a bit confusing to make sure the software you're installing is compatible with your Operating System or that your drivers are the most up-to-date available and the right driver for your specific hardware and Operating System. Gateway Computers can take away the guess work and make sure you are getting the proper, latest software that is compatible with your system.

Whether for school, work or business, Gateway Computers can install the latest software and drivers so you don't have to worry about viruses, malware or bloatware being installed along with the program you want to use. Installing the wrong drivers can have very adverse effects and can render your system unusable in a worst cases scenario if it's a critical system driver.

Help Is a Phone Call Away

  • Determine Compatibility – Not all software works with all computers. Some software has 32-bit and 64-bit versions, some of the latest drivers and software are in beta, which means they are still being tested and not really recommended for installation for people who need their system running efficiently and reliably. Most software has minimum system requirements that your system may not meet and may cause your system to become very slow and unstable. We'll make sure the software and drivers are compatible with your device before installation.
  • Install and Configure Software – If the software is compatible with your system, we'll install it using the best settings recommended for your system and for how you want to use the software.
  • Perform Necessary Software Updates – Software purchased on a disc is pretty rare these days. However, it's still used for some peripheral hardware such as printers, webcams and scanners. This software is almost always out of date and it is recommended that you visit the manufacturer website and download the latest software for your device and then check for updates and install any that are available. We'll make sure you get the latest software and the latest updates.

Before we leave you with your new software, we'll make sure you know the basics on how to use it so that you can get right into working with the software or device quickly.